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Summer is finally in full bloom and you might wonder why you would need to spend an hour in a dark room, rather than enjoying the beautiful sun outside. Well, sometimes the summer heat brings with it some not so pleasant effects, such as leg swelling.

This happens when an excess of fluid  accumulates in the feet, ankles and lower legs.  Edema is the medical term that  refers to “leg swelling”. Edema may have many possible causes, some of them can be very serious like congestive heart failure or chronic lung disease, other may be less dangerous such as simply standing or sitting for a long time especially when the weather is hot, like it’s been in these last few days. If you experience persistent edema it is important that you see your doctor who will determine the cause and give you the proper treatment. If your legs are swelling because of the summer heat, you might try massage! Lymphatic Facilitation is a light and gentle massage technique that facilitates the removal of excess fluid that collects in body’s tissues causing edema. It stimulates the lymphatic system to reabsorb the fluid trapped in the space between cells. The lymphatic system is an important part of our immune system and it is composed by hollowed vessels that carry the “lymph” from peripheral tissue back to the venous circulation. Lymph is composed by water, waste products, proteins that are too large to be absorbed by capillaries. It is estimated that 40% of all lymph vessels are found just below the skin ( dermis). Therefore this technique uses very light, rhythmic and slow strokes to activate the lymphatic system and it usually gives a very deep sense of relaxation. Lymphatic Facilitation can be beneficial also to reduce edema caused by traumas or injuries, to keep fascia and muscles more pliable, to help recover after an intense workout or run that left your muscle tissue filled with a lot of waste products and debris.

I can easily integrate 30 Min of Lymphatic Facilitation as part of your massage session, so why not give it a try

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